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Tribute to

Mr. Bongo

 "Life is Good."

Roberto Lovera built Bongo Bus from the ground up in 2010. As a celebrator of all things life, it began with an idea followed by a drive to bring it to life. Roberto invested in an old short school bus and completely remodeled the buses himself. He had a passion for music and playing the Bongo's, which is where he coined the name. Once launched, the bus was so busy, he added a 2nd, then a 3rd and 4th bus, all of which were remodeled to match the original design. He bought a 5th bus, however was unable to get to remodeling it. In March 2014, Roberto received a devastating diagnosis, he had a stage 4 glioblastoma brain tumor. He underwent brain surgery to remove the tumor and unfortunately succumbed to this beast a short 9 months later on Thanksgiving Day in 2014. Roberto was a loving and giving family man. He is missed dearly for all eternity.  


Bongo Back

Live life to the fullest.

With the same style and love for keeping people safe while enjoying the spirit of Austin, The Bongo Bus is back under the direction of Roberto’s daughter Jade. Using her extensive customer service, marketing, financial management, team bonding, and rehabilitation experience, she is excited to put her entrepreneurial spirit to work through the Bongo Legacy.


So, here we are; still family owned and operated, Roberto's Legacy returns as Jade brings Bongo back, one bus at a time. 


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